When getting a new cat or kitten, an overwhelming amount of pet items are often required. It’s incredible work: food, bed, litter, cat scratching post, toys, nail clippers, and a grooming brush. Simply going to the store to buy a cat scratcher will force you to confront dozens of different shapes, sizes, and materials. It’s important to provide your cat with a cat scratching post if you want them to be happy and healthy. Cats have a natural drive to scratch and need a way to satisfy that urge. Providing your cat with a cat scratching tree will prevent damage to your drapes, furniture, and carpets. Because cats also use their scratching post for exercise and stretching, it is essential to a cat’s health and well-being to acquire a post that is adequate for their needs.


Your cat is looking for a good cat scratching post where she can sink her claws in. She removes the loose coating from her claws by being able to be a bit harsh and digging her claws in. This allows her to sharpen her claws. The feel of sisal, a fibrous rope manufactured from the agave plant, appeals to most cats. Because it is so long-lasting and won’t need to be replaced very frequently as compared to cheap cat scratching posts. Scratchers constructed of corrugated cardboard is extremely popular as a result of the fact that many cats enjoy having a surface on which they may tear up. If you notice that your cute cat is clawing at the arm of your sofa, she may enjoy something dense to scratch, such as sisal.

Height & Angle

Doesn’t matter if it is modern or unique style, it’s all about maintaining healthy claws when you scratch. Scratching is a form of exercise for cats that helps them stretch and flex their bodies. Find a stand-up stylish pink or white cat scratching post or make one that is tall enough to allow your cat to stretch out her entire body when looking for one to buy for your pet.

You may acquire useful information about your cat by watching where she chooses to scratch inappropriately and noting the angle, she prefers in a cat scratching post. If she is scratching the side of the couch while standing on her hind legs, she needs a tall stand-up post that will give her room to stretch while she is doing it. However, if she is scratching the carpet, she will most likely choose the best scratching pad or extra large and durable cat post that lays flat on the floor so that she may dig at the same time that she scratches. You will have the most chance of success with the transition if you choose a cat scratching tree that most nearly resembles what she is already selecting to scratch.


If you find that your cat is standing or climbing on her hind legs and sinking her claws into a tall cat tree, wall or door, you will need to check that the post is strong enough to withstand her weight to keep it upright. Nothing is more likely to discourage a cat from using a cat scratching polethan for it to topple over on her the first time she attempts to use it.


To begin with, the new cat scratching post should be positioned adjacent to or in front of your cat. You will want to give her the option of picking it or the couch so she can conclude on her own that the cat scratcher is the superior choice. It may be helpful to use some catnip or catnip spray to entice her closer. Once she has formed the habit of scratching horizontal or vertical post rather than the couch, you can relocate it to a spot more to your liking. Be careful not to move it too far, though; she should be able to get to it without too much trouble from the part of your house where she spends most of her time.

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