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We are always looking for new categories, brands, products, services and new business relationships. Improving our customer experience and becoming a one-stop shop for our customers is important to us. 

If you are a reseller of one of the manufacturers we feature, we occasionally use high quality secondary suppliers for products when we sellout of a specific product line. If you value excellent customer service, and can provide drop-shipping, we might like to work with your business. 
If you are a manufacturer of products or a re-seller of products and would like to sell to us, please feel free to call us directly at +61870992271, fill in contact form or send us an email at
Our business is continually growing and so is our supplier base. Whether you supply products, components, raw materials, services or solutions, we want you to grow with us. Applying to become an THE WISE HOME supplier is the start of a strong and long-lasting partnership.
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